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Basic HBase Commands

Following commands are very useful in HBase shell. Shell Command Example Description help Show shell help create ‘mytable‘, {NAME => ‘colfam1′,VERSIONS => 1,TTL => 2592000,BLOCKCACHE => true}, {NAME =>’colfam2′} Create a table list List all tables disable ‘mytable‘ drop ‘mytable‘

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Basics- HBase Snapshots

This compilation is from Hortonworks user-guide-hbase-snapshots. 1. Configuration To turn on the snapshot support just set the hbase.snapshot.enabled property to true. (Snapshots are enabled by default in 0.95+ and off by default in 0.94.6+) <property> <name>hbase.snapshot.enabled</name> <value>true</value> </property>   2.

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