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Understanding Hadoop Clusters and the Network

Awesome article by brad. September 10, 2011 by Brad Hedlund This article is Part 1 in series that will take a closer look at the architecture and methods of a Hadoop cluster, and how it relates to the network and

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Big Data: Who is Who–Forbes Special Report

According to forbes: Behold the ever expanding rings of tech’s most overhyped sector. Demand is fierce for software, hardware and consulting services that let companies process and store giant streams of varied and frequently changing information. It’s an $18 billion

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Yahoo! release Map Reduce with Storm called Storm-YARN

Yahoo! have worked on the convergence of Storm with Hadoop, as mentioned in our earlier post. We are pleased to announce that Storm-YARN has been released as open source. Storm-YARN enables Storm applications to utilize the computational resources in a

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Hadoop Resources at one place

This blog is originally from   History of Hadoop Ideas: Demystifying Hadoop –   What is MapReduce? “Cluster Computing and MapReduce Lecture” series in YouTube   What is Hadoop?

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Please read original blog in This is the first post of a six-part series exploring the domain of Data Science through a hands-on case study. Stay tuned for subsequent posts as we explore the Tumblr corpus and analyze the

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